CHINOOK Advanced Deployment System

Chinook ADS will be a solution to a common problem. You have application code on one server and need to deploy it to another server, with minimum effort but whilst ensuring that your application is correctly configured and is ready with minimum downtime.

The aim of Chinook ADS is to develop a single multi-purpose tool suitable for everybody.

  • It will be engineered for use by individuals, the open-source community, enterprise-level organisations, and everyone in between.
  • It will allow deployments by both technical and non-technical users - enabling testers, documenters, and others to deploy software as they need.
  • It will work with any application structure - framework or not, OO or procedural, ini or xml configs - all development styles will be deployable.

We Need Your Help!

As mentioned above, Chinook ADS will be built to work for all deployment methodologies. In order to do this, we need to know what the different deployment methods people use are, and verify that it can handle them.
So, please take a moment to provide details on how your deployments work, explain the steps you take and any other useful information that will help Chinook ADS to become the perfect tool for you.
You can either reply in the comments, the discussion forum, or via the contact option on the main website.

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